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Vessel Grounding Reports in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

Between 2006 and February of 2021

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About the project:

Inventory of grounding reports and related coral reef restoration projects in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands from 2006 through February of 2021. This dataset is the product of a collaborative effort between NOAA, US Coast Guard, PR Department of Natural an d Environmental Resources (DNER) and USVI Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR). Accuracy and data collection methods vary for each grounding report. Only events reported to this project are shown in the map, other grounding events may have occurred during this period.


For more information about this project, please contact:
Sean Griffin, Ph.D.
Coral Reef Restoration Ecologist Earth Resources Technology
NOAA Restoration Center
260 Guard Rd. Aguadilla, PR 00605

About the map:

For more information about this dataset, please contact:
Coralys Ortiz (