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If you require additional information about the #PRISA events, please contact:


General Information

Ms. Janelle Peña, Zoology Museum, UPR-RP

Telephone: (787) 764-0000 ext. 1-88165#

Email: mz.uprrp[at]



DNER PoC (Point of Contact)

Dr. Wilfredo Falcón L., Coordinator, WSFR Program Coordination Office, DNER

Telephone: (787) 999-2200 ext. 2617/2622

Email: wsfr[at]



UPR – Río Piedras Campus PoC

Dr. James D. Ackerman, Professor, Department of Biology, UPR-RP

Email: ackerman.upr[at]




Telephone: (787) 999-2200 ext. 2617/2622

Email: wsfr[at]



Organizing Committee (listed alphabetically)


James D. Ackerman, PhD, Biology UPR-RP (Co-Chair)

Zobeida Díaz, BA, DECEP UPR-RP

Wilfredo Falcón L., PhD, DNER (Co-Chair)

Vanessa Gauthier, BA, DNER

Jonathan A. López Colón, MSc, Biology UPR-RP

Solimar Marrero Solis, MSc, DNER

Janelle Peña, BSc, Biology UPR-RP

Ruber Rodríguez Barreras, PhD, Biology UPR-B